Friday, November 7, 2008


Learning is a continue process, we learn when we are child and when will grow and become an adult.learning occurs in two ways , we learn from others and also learn by sharing with one another.
AT BRITH: I learnt how to suck from my mothers breast, smile at her when she look at me with a smile.
AT SIS MONTH: I learnt how to crawl, run on my knees especially when i see something that i what to play with.
AT NINE MONTH: I learnt how to work and it was easier for me to move my right leg than the left leg, sometimes i foll backward, forward and by the side but there where people who keep encouraging me "kept coming","naver mind"," you are there" and i also establish a relationship with my mother more than any other person.
AT ONE YEAR: I learnt to work fast than when i was nine month and also learnt how to adimre things around me like flower and toil.
AT TWO YEARS: I learnt how to play with my peer group,how to cook using empty thin of pick milk as pot,how to greet, wash plate,cloths and sweep.
AT FOUR YEARS: I learnt how to cook my tradition ditches eg pounded yam,how to work on the farm and how to interact with my peer freely than before and also how to read story books and write.
MY NURSERY SCCHOOL: I learnt how o read and write, how to interact with other student and also learnt from my teacher how to pulse or stand when reading for the hearing of others and how to draw.
MY SECONDARY SCHOOL: I learnt how read and write properly and also how to interract with others apart from my mate and how to speak good english.
UNIERSITY: I will like to study or go in for secretariate studies or mass communication.
I learnt how to dress properly as a ledy,how to use handset,dance,speak good english, compose myself when reading,cook different kind of tradition ditches and how to use internet .
Want to know more about computer eg maintenance,assembly,troubleshooting of both hardware and software problem.
know about web designingand editing of picture.

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